I am Stefan Glazer,
The Professional Amateur.

I want to bring my love, my passion for photography of all types and teach the world. I've been published, hired, and interviewed by many different publications for pet photography, but there is a lot of branches of the photography world I love.

I am a Professional Photographer, (I have been paid for multiple photography jobs more than once, over a period of time, see? Professional!), I love considering myself to be an Amateur.

An Amateur is someone who does something out of love, not for pay. However, I love being paid for my work! I love making art, taking portraits of pets, and doing fun things with a camera.

I do it from a place of love so it never is a job to me. It's just doing something I love and get paid for as well!

So, I'm here to take my knowledge and help others hone their skills and make the world a more beautiful place through their art.

"My photography made my Pug famous and my Pug made my photography famous"

- Stefan Glazer and Philomena the Pug